Detailed Carving

We now look at examples of what experts can do when presented with material for carving. The results can be spectacular, do not be discouraged by what you see; take these examples as a source of inspiration. Even modest trees can be given added character by creating deadwood; the immediate effect will be to give the appearance of age to the tree as well as character and a focal point for viewing.

The sequence of images below illustrate what can be done to a collected yew:

  1. By carving
  2. Followed by wiring
  3. Finally positioning the branches
Carved image 26     Carved image 27     Carved image 28


This example below shows what can be achieved by partially carving the trunk of a large collected yew:

Carved image 29      Carved image 30      Carved image 31


The following images illustrate the different sections of the large collected juniper undergoing carving. In this sequence, the focus is on the carving of the trunk; the styling and refinement of the foliage mass will only be done once all the carving and application of lime sulphur has been completed. With such work, it is preferable to cover the foliage and the live bark with paper so as to protect from the dust and fine chippings produced by the carving process as well as from and bleaching by the application of the lime sulphur.

Carved image 32      Carved image 33      Carved image 34


Examples of carving and deadwood effects

Carved image 35      Carved image 36      Carved image 37


Carved image 39         Carved image 39


Carved image 40         Carved image 41


The images below illustrate the deadwood section on the trunk of a collected semi-cascade Sabina juniper.

The first image shows the tree prior to work being done; the tree, following its’ collection has been given time to settle in its’ new pot. This is essential as working on a collected tree too soon after it has been collected will place the tree under stress and the consequences associated with that e.g. suppressed growth, possible loss of branches and foliage, even the death of the tree.

Carved image 42


The second image illustrates the result of initial work carried out on the deadwood section. The trunk has been cleaned using a wire brush on order to remove and loose bark and fine wood splinters.

Carved image 43


Using finer wire brushes the third image shows the deadwood section of the trunk a final smooth but aged appearance; at this stage, lime sulphur is also applied resulting in a grey-white appearance, thereby accentuating the appearance of age.

Carved image 44


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