Material and Readiness for Carving


The appropriate material choice for carving is dependent on:
  • Whether the tree will improve in appearance by incorporating dead branches or a hollowing of the trunk?
  • Are there features of the tree that are unsightly? If so, would carving overcome those inappropriate features?
How to ensure the tree is ready for carving:
  • First ensure that the tree you want to work on is healthy (never work on sick trees – it will stress them and they will only deteriorate further).
  • Ensure the tree is firmly established in its container; if necessary tie or wire it in position – it must not wobble while you work on it. This could damage the roots and possibly kill it.
  • Study the tree very carefully – there is no hurry. Let the tree decide, bring out the intrinsic qualities of the tree. Do not impose an artificial style upon it just because you fancy it; it will never be successful. Let the tree talk to you and then we are ready to start work.




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