Specialist Nurseries

  • Know and understand what they are selling.
  • Can offer you expert advice.
  • They want you to come back and buy more, so will not sell you sick trees.
  • They will give you accurate care information.
  • They sell also a selection of tools, books and magazines to help you care for your bonsai.
  • Specialist nurseries are very careful to stock only those species best suited as bonsai and which will thrive outdoors in our temperate climate.


Look for something with:

  • An interesting shaped trunk, not too straight and with an equally interesting arrangement of branches.
  • Choose a tree with an attractive coloured or textured bark.
  • Most important, choose trees with naturally small and fine textured leaves. It will take many, many years to get large leaves like those of a chestnut to reduce in size.
  • Also take advice from one whose has suffered - do not choose prickly trees; you will regret it when you suffer later while training and trimming it.
  • Evergreen trees, particularly pines and junipers, are a good choice because they stay green all year and naturally tend to have fine foliage.





The Katsura Maple on the left and the Blaauws Juniper on the right were available from a UK west country bonsai nursery. Both trees were about £200 each.

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