Bonsai is a great hobby for everyone, it is not exclusive and it is not difficult. We want to introduce you this fascinating living art and help you get started, there is a whole community of friends and enthusiasts out there all around the world.

Bonsai combines the beauty of man-made sculpture with the harmony and perfection of nature in one art form.   All parts of a bonsai – the roots, trunk, branches, foliage and container – must, like traditional sculpture, express the artist’s feeling for balance, form and line.   When these are combined with the forces of the natural world, they can evoke a larger and deeper concept. A bonsai is a miniature representation, combining, unchanged in everything but size, the mystery of the universe.

For centuries bonsai growing appeared only in China and later Japan. Today it is a universal hobby with few countries where bonsai are not grown. Growing bonsai has become a common bond, bringing people of all nations together in a love of these beautiful small trees.


by Ryushu Shutaku
A single tree growing on a single tray
The verdant green of one thousand years
Casting a dark, heavy shadow
Does anyone know
The vastness of that heaven and earth made from soil
The god of fire peak is within that tiny space.



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